Bhani's Signature RoseTM

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Size: 16 Inches

Size: 16 Inches
16 Inches
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Color: Yellow Gold

Yellow Gold
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Rose Gold
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Product Details

Our Signature Rose pendant necklace is a direct reflection of our brand, which symbolizes self-love and growth. Aren’t we all as collectors of endless stories, spanning a lifetime, always seeking love and acceptance throughout our journey? This necklace in all it’s minimal glory simply echoes that the love we seek is within and that happiness can always be found in the simplest of pleasures.

This artfully crafted rose pendant with semi-precious oval and baguette tourmaline gemstones embodies modernity with a dash of romance and is a classical addition to your everyday style.


Gold Weight : 3.256G
Gold Purity : 18KT Yellow Gold
Diamond Clarity & Color : SI-IJ
Diamond Weight : 0.015CT
Color Stone : Natural Tourmaline Gemstone
Color Stone Weight : 0.64CT

About Collection

Our Fine Heirloom collection features pieces that exude timelessness. These classic covetable pieces feel like they have been passed down over generations and also promise to double up as inherited jewellery for the generations to come.

This vintage inspired jewellery collection is crafted by our artisans in 18k gold and semi-precious tourmaline gemstones, that directly reflect our individual pursuits of self-discovery and growth.

Our minimal yet royal jewellery pieces are destined to celebrate a special occasion, a milestone,an accomplishment, or simply just YOU! Each piece is elegant, essential and wearable no matter what your personal style is.


Our jewels from the Fine Heirloom Collection are crafted in 18 karat gold with natural multi-coloured tourmaline gemstones and certified Natural Diamonds. Each piece of natural gemstone in the jewellery varies in colour and markings from one piece to another.

Our designers and artisans handpicks these tourmalines, such that each piece of jewellery is an unique and exquisite one-of-a-kind piece that is crafted only for you.

Please be careful to not drop them or hit them against anything as they may break. Safely store them in the pouch or box provided with them.

For prefered color of Gemstone please contact us on WhatsApp on +91 882066224.