About Us
Bhani Jewels is an Indian fine jewellery brand, known for its everyday delicate jewellery which is hand-crafted in 18-karat solid gold with certified natural diamonds and gemstones. The word ‘Bhani’ symbolises all the Hindu goddesses, and the brand aims to create modern, classic and timeless pieces of jewellery which have been intricately crafted by our designers and artisans. We encourage you to celebrate the mundane, every day and everything that is YOU! Bhani Jewels stands for self-love and growth.

Bhani aims to revolutionise the way we wear jewellery, while entering new and uncharted style territories, we aim to make our pieces gender-fluid. Thus, we want to resonate that the love we seek is within and that happiness can always be found in the simplest of pleasures. These pieces have been conceptualised to emulate this very essence of the human psyche.

We are passionate about creating pieces that let you embrace your creativity and be free. The brand was founded on a principle that states, each of us is a collector of endless stories, spanning a lifetime, and is always seeking love and acceptance. Spearheaded by Krishna Soni and her creative team of artisans, each and every piece is uniquely created using a combination of traditional craftsmanship and modern techniques to redefine fine jewellery and celebrate YOU every day!
Our Story
Growing up surrounded by the world of jewellery design and production, the three sisters were greatly influenced by their father’s business and his entrepreneurial spirit. The jewellery business expertise that was passed down by their father has greatly helped them hone their own intricate craft and skills – from wax modelling and casting to gemstone cutting and plating. Bhani Jewels was thus founded out of a need for modern, chic, classic, high-quality gold jewellery that fills in the gap between high-street and designer jewellery available in India.

Krishna Soni, the Creative Director and Co-Founder of Bhani Jewels, has always been a dreamer and a night sky enthusiast, qualities which are clearly reflected in her jewellery. Krishna practised as an interior designer and a jewellery designer, prior to collaborating with her sisters – Viraj Soni, the Creative Brand Stylist, and Rachna Soni, the CFO and Co-Founder, to create this brand.

They are strong believers that jewellery is an extension of decorating life and a celebration of all the small moments of happiness in our daily life. Above all, they founded the brand to spread positivity and hope, and be the change we wish to see.
Krishna, Viraj and Rachna with their collective interest in the world of jewellery, founded Bhani, a modern, chic, classic, high-quality, gold jewellery brand that fills in the gap between high-street and designer jewellery.
Rachna Soni
CFO AND CO-Founder
Viraj Soni
Brand Stylist and Co-Founder
Krishna Soni
Creative Director and Co-Founder