Bhani Jewels are carefully handcrafted by experienced Indian Artisans. We ensure highest quality of our fine jewellery that stands the test of time for you to cherish, style and love them forever.

Here are few things you can do maintain the sparkle of your jewellery:

  • Store your piece separately in the custom-made Bhani Box.
  • Store your piece in a custom-made Bhani micro fibre mini travel pouch that is accompanied with each order, during your travels.
  • Please do not clean jewellery that consist of gemstones with a brush. Avoid contact with chemicals like hairspray, perfume or hand santiser as it may affect the lustre, sparkle and colour of the gemstone.

The process of thoroughy cleaning your jewellery is relatively simple. Just soak the pieces in warm water mixed with a gentle soap cleanser, then rinse the piece with clean water, and carefully pat it dry.

Note: Do not use hot water or any form of chemical cleanser for cleaning the jewellery pieces, especially the ones with gemstones on them.

Each piece of Bhani Jewels will be accompanied by a micro-fibre cloth that can be used to wipe the jewel and make it shine.